Arts and Culture

The historical center of  San Daniele is characterized by many buildings and churches, all very important from an artistic and cultural standpoint, like the old library “Biblioteca Guarneriana„ the Duomo di San Michele Arcangelo (the main curch, dedicated to the Archangel Michael), the church of Sant’Antonio Abate and the Portonat (the only door of the medieval town left undamaged), just to mention a few.

Typical Products

The Prosciutto of San Daniele is a ham well known in the whole world to refined food entusiasts. Another specialty of San Daniele are the Friultrota’s products, trouts famous for their delicious, genuine flavor.

Nature and Relax

The town of San Daniele hosts many attractions and naturalistic areas to explore, like the lake of San Daniele and Ragogna, the Cornino’s Lake Nature Reserve (focused on the griffon volture), the Cultural Park of Castelraimondo in Forgaria, the “Oasi dei Quadris„ (reserve dedicated to the protection of white storks and other local wildlife) and Cjase Cocèl in Fagagna.


Important informations on everything the prosciutto’s town has to offer: useful addresses, free time, accomodation facilities and restaurants.

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