Ragogna lake - San Daniele   

The only intermorenic lake in the region, which among other things belongs to the territory of two different municipalities, has been included in the list of SCI - Naturalistic Sites of Community Interest. Located along the route of some species of migrating birds, it’s a wonderful area for birdwatching. Here you’ll also find the water chestnut, various species of dragonflies and fish.
For informations: Tel. 0432 940765 (Pro San Daniele Tourist Office)   

San Daniele lakes (Villanova locality)

In Villanova di San Daniele, in an enchanting natural setting, it is possible to practice sport fishing in the Pighin lakes. In the clear waters of these lakes live specimens of trout, char, large trout (from 2 kg and over), brown trout, sturgeon, carp, pike. The surrounding environment is a real equipped park that allows you to have snacks in the open air and walks.  
Open: every day from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00.  
For informations: Cell. 337 209057 (Mr. Dario Pighin)

The Cornino Lake Nature Reserve (Forgaria nel Friuli)   

About 11 km north of San Daniele del Friuli, there is the Cornino Lake Nature Reserve, a small lake charachterized by particularly transparent waterswhich have a suggestive blue-green color. The landscape, flora and fauna make this area ideal for walking, for observing animals (especially the griffon vulture) and for bird watching.  
Open: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  
For informations: Tel. And fax 0427 808526 ("Progetto Grifone" Visitor Center) Tel. 0427 809091 (Pro Loco Forgaria)       

Castelraimondo Cultural Park (Forgaria nel Friuli)   

The Castelraimondo Cultural Park allows visitors to discover, through an easy walk, the geological, archaeological and historical evidence of an ancient past. An exhibition has been set up at the Forgaria Town Hall where the materials found during the excavations are exhibited.  
For informations: Tel. 0427 808042 (Municipality of Forgaria).

The "Quadris" Naturalistic Oasis (Fagagna)  

Not far from San Daniele del Friuli, about 9 km south towards Udine, you’ll find the naturalistic oasis "Quadris", in  Fagagna;  this area of ​​seven hectares is equipped and used for the reintroduction of the white stork and hermit ibis.  
Open: Sundays and public holidays 10 am-7pm. In addition, from May 15th to September 15th: Saturday afternoons 2:30 pm-7:00pm 
For informations: Tel. 0432 801887 Cell. 331 9788574 Email Website   

The areas of the Great War

 Four historical itineraries that go through the municipalities of Ragogna, San Daniele and Forgaria, teaching you about the Battle along the river Tagliamento in 1917, a direct consequence of the recovery after the Battle of Caporetto, which was essential for the Italian reorganization on the front of  the Monte Grappa - River Piave. 
For informations: Tel. 0432 957255 (Municipality of Ragogna)

Bycicle routes   

Bicycle lovers can discover the natural and historical beauties of the San Daniele area through some cycle routes that wonder through the friulian nature. The routes are adequately marked and do not present significant difficulties in the path.  
For informations and detailed routes: We Like Bike - +39 331 299 6069 -

Ufficio Turistico Pro San Daniele
Via Roma n° 3 - San Daniele del Fr. (UD)
Tel / Fax +39 0432 940765
Fotografie fornite dal Circolo Fotografico Sandanielese "E. Battigelli"
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