The Pro San Daniele invites you to its numerous and lovely events: from January to  Christmas, passing through “San Daniele Sboccia” and the famous “Aria di Festa”, there is something for the whole year!  Below is a small overview of the main events organized by the Pro San Daniele, described in more detail in the dedicated sections:   

THE CHILDREN’S CARNIVAL: One of the best activities completely managed by Pro San Daniele; for many years now an appointment enjoyed especially by the children who wait for the last Sunday of Carnival to have fun among bouncy houses, dedicated activities and entertainment. An event also appreciated by parents as it is organized at the local sports hall, in a warm and safe environment.   

SAN DANIELE SBOCCIA: The famous local flower exhibition-market, in 2017 the first regional flower competition "Città di San Daniele" was launched, open to florists from the regions Friuli and Veneto, organized in teams consisting of two elements each, who will have to embellish the city and create floral dresses and bridal bouquets that will then be judged by a jury. Not only locals attend the event, but also tourists from outside the region, and it’s expected to become a famous attraction.   

ARIA DI FESTA: The well-known "Festa del Prosciutto", which remains the most important event of the year for the town (but also provides the visitors the opportunity to discover what San Daniele has to offer, in terms of food, culture and history), is organized over four days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday). It will host many gazebos managed directly by the restaurants and ham factories participating at the event. The Tourist Office focuses on the cultural promotion of the town, organizing guided tours of the monuments and the renowned Guarneriana Library, and setting up and managing the infopoints outside the office, for welcoming and assisting visitors to the event.   

CHRISTMAS MARKET IN SAN DANIELE: The lovely, well-kept market at the Castle Park  is set in a magical atmosphere that concludes the year's activities in perfect style. At this event, you’ll find games and entertainment for children, like the arrival of Santa Claus and the distribution of sweets and candies to the kids. You’ll also find food and wine kiosks, organized by the Pro Loco.

Ufficio Turistico Pro San Daniele
Via Roma n° 3 - San Daniele del Fr. (UD)
Tel / Fax +39 0432 940765
Fotografie fornite dal Circolo Fotografico Sandanielese "E. Battigelli"
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