Prosciutterie and prosciuttifici

List of all the ham shops in the town, where you can enjoy cold dishes and / or first courses based on our prosciutto. 

In addition, a list of the companies where our Ham is treated and prepared for sale and consumption, with visiting hours: the prosciuttifici.

 Some of the oldest structures have been in operation for almost a century, more precisely since the 1920s, and were born from domestic environments in which the owners have used their cellars for productive purposes, and later became established commercial activities. 

The tradition of ham in general, however, dates back to even earlier times: the ancients had already learned that the low humidity, the good ventilation and the peticular climate allowed for better preservation of the meat. Thus they invented maturing, whose only secret is the microclimate of the Municipality of San Daniele, given by the meeting of the cool currents coming from the Alps with the moist and warm ones from the Adriatic. 

Thanks to its inimitable characteristics, the Prosciutto of San Daniele has been protected by the Italian State since 1970, and in 1996 it got recognized by the European Union as a D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) product.

Al Portonat
piazza Dante, 8/A - San Daniele del Friuli
+39 0432 940880
Osteria Villanova
via Nazionale, 37 - San Daniele del Friuli (fraz. Villanova)
+39 0432 956262
Alberti 1906 "La Casa del Prosciutto"
via Teobaldo Ciconi, 30 - San Daniele del Friuli
+39 0432 957422
La Glacere
via Osoppo, 9 - San Daniele del Friuli
+39 0432 954102
Al Paradiso
via Cesare Battisti, 26 - San Daniele del Friuli
+39 0432 957252

Ufficio Turistico Pro San Daniele
Via Roma n° 3 - San Daniele del Fr. (UD)
Tel / Fax +39 0432 940765
Fotografie fornite dal Circolo Fotografico Sandanielese "E. Battigelli"
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